Private Lessons

Offered in your home with first visit being 1.5 hours and a second visit of an hour. This is most beneficial as not only are you taught skills to teach your puppy/dog but we can address all questions and scenarios that have come up specifically to your situation.  We will cover: handling, grooming, preparation for vet visits, crate training, house training, mouthing, settle/relax, follow to walking politely on the leash, sit, down, stand, off, wait, touch, leave it, exchange game to eventually teach release items on command of give/thank you/drop it.


Kindergarten Puppy Training

Start your puppy right, avoid inadvertently teaching your puppy the wrong behaviors and get them started early. Class is recommended for pups 12 weeks plus and it has been 10 days after having at least their first set of vaccinations to start class. Topics covered are: handling/grooming, crate training, what and how is the right kind of socialization, confidence building, mouthing/biting, avoiding food bowl & possession issues, jumping, settle/relax, place and information on health and nutrition is also covered. Skills taught are attention (look or watch me), name-game (foundation for come), sit, down, stand, touch, meet & greet politely, impulse control, sit for exam, recall-come (recall games), wait, off, leave it, give/drop it, follow me to walking politely on the end of the leash.

Basic Obedience/Manners

Class is for pups/dogs 18 weeks plus, learning foundation skills as well as basics of: sit, down, stand, stand for exam, wait (owner to go through all openings first plus no bolting out of crates, gates, car doors or doorways), strengthening recalls ‘come’, stay, walking politely on the end of a leash, impulse control, heel, manners of leave it (meaning dog never gets it), go to (bed, mat, kennel) and out (example-getting out of whatever area owner is in). Teaching you how to understand dog body language and proper dog park etiquette. Is your dog suitable for the dog park or even more important is the dog park suitable for your dog? What are other options?


This class is for those that want to take their working partnership to higher levels, possibly getting better prepared for other dog sports. Basic level must have been completed prior as the Advance is to build and strengthen skills already learned plus challenged with new skills and to work towards passing a Canine Good Neighbor test (available to all dogs) if you would so choose. Proofing sit, down and stand stays, new skills of drop-on-recall, heeling with automatic sits, heel off-leash, back-up, high and broad jump. This is a great class as a prelude to many dog sports such as Rally, Drafting, Agility and competition obedience.


Rally Obedience is a fun dog obedience sport available to all dogs as well as physically challenged dogs and/or handlers. It goes beyond basic heeling integrating over forty obedience movements and only requires a positive attitude and a desire to work and have fun with your dog. It is also a great sport for dogs that have tired of one sport or due to age need to stop a sport like agility but still want a challenge. Handler and dog are required to move through a numbered course of different directional signs; handler directing dog with verbal and hand commands and encouragement throughout the course. Dog has to be at least 6 months of age but should also have a grasp of the Basic skills.

General Class Information

All Obedience classes are 5 weeks, an hour a week for a total cost of $180.00, with new class size of 5 dogs maximum.  Prior to COVID I had encouraged families to come together when possible but at this time only two persons per pup/dog.  If you would like the whole family to learn together then I would highly recommend Private lessons.

Private lessons at your home as well as my location are also available.  Private lessons are very valuable as among the obedience skills taught Private lessons are tailored to each individual owner and puppy/dogs needs as well as any issues that may have come up. I will also give you many options in how to correctly and safely socialize your puppy/dog that does not require a classroom setting.  The first session being 1.5 hours for a total of $125.00 each session following is one hour for $70.


Novice classes are 5 weeks for a total cost of $180.00, max of 5 dogs

Advance/Excellent classes are 5 weeks for a total of $150.00, max of 7 dogs


Class Schedule

Due to COVID currently offering Private lessons outdoors only.  Please call to set a lesson day and time.





Boarding at Bernergold is unique in that your dog will live with us in our home, living and interacting with our dogs and myself on a daily basis.  Your dog/pup will have the same freedoms and rules as the rest of the pack and if they need to learn some rules/manners such as wait for your dinner or going through doorways they will learn while they are here.  They will have access to yard play, wading pool when weather is appropriate, walks, play with human and dogs of the household.  At night all visiting dogs sleep in the dog room which is within the house and for those pups that are just to young to be left loose they will have a crate or ex-pen depending on what they are use too.  I only board a max of 5 dogs and they must be dog and human friendly.  All dogs must have had their puppy vaccines and at least one booster or titres.

Costs: 1 Dog $35 per night, 2 dogs same household $55 per night,  puppies under the age of 5 months $45 per night