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Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) with over 30 years of experience training and working with owners of  dogs
of all ages, 
breeds and mixed breeds, teaching their pup/dog to be the best companion.  Building the human/canine 
bond through trust and respect using current science-based dog training methods.  Positive, fun and motivational
through praise, treats, toys, games and anything your pup/dog finds rewarding.

Private lessons are available at your home as well as in classroom and outdoors.   Private lessons are most valuable for first time dog owners and very young puppies as the training is tailored for you and your pups needs as well as reactive dogs.  Starting early with one on one direction helps to avoid any unwanted behaviors as well as get you and your puppy started together in the right way.  First private lesson is 1.5 hours cost of $115 with consecutive lessons an hour each for a cost of $75 each.  

Group Obedience classes are offered outdoors and/or in classroom.  Homework instructions are sent weekly that support in-class learning.   All obedience classes are 6 weeks an hour a week with a maximum of 5 students, total cost is $195.00.   

Dog sport classes 
Rally Novice classes are a max of 5 students, 6 
weeks for a total cost of $195.00.  To join a Rally class you must have taken your pup/dog through a first level obedience class so he/she has some basic skills such as attention among distractions, walking politely on leash, holding positions of sit, down and stand as well as a wait.  Advance obedience skills will be taught throughout the weeks of  the Rally Novice classes.   Advance and Excellent Rally level classes are 5 weeks for $135.

Handling classes for preparing your pup/dog for the show ring.  Classes are indoors as well as outdoors.  A different place to practice with your dog, have other people go over your dog as well as learning leash handling, ring protocol and patterns.  Classes are 4 weeks at a time for a total cost of $90.  Junior handlers are welcomed and encouraged with a 50% discount.  


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